Fergus Goes Fishing Press Kit

About the Film:

In an illustration style reminiscent of paper toy theater, Fergus Goes Fishing is an animated short film set to a quirky 1920's Jazz audio mix. Fergus is a likeable fool whose intentions get him into situations beyond his ability to handle them. The SpooKingdom world where he lives is full of gentle monsters, surprises, and of things never quite as they appear.

Film Synopsis


“Fergus Goes Fishing" is an experimental animated short film reminiscent of paper toy theater. Fergus rows off on a fishing trip in the vast paper ocean where he falls asleep. What happens next may surprise you as much as it does him. Animated without dialog to a 1920’s quirky jazz mix, it shows a visually rich story which appeals to audiences young and old, from all parts of the world.

Synopsis Short:

Fergus is a likeable fool who's intentions are way above his abilities. Life is good to him and turns out well in the end, (usually). He's a sort of old time Buster Keeton style of character who's innocence gets him into trouble. He's well intentioned, but gets into situations beyond his ability to handle them. The world he lives in is quirky and unexpected. Things are never quite as they appear. The motto is "Expect the unexpected in SpooKingdom". SpooKingdom is a place where the monsters are gentle souls mainly, who try to live with each other harmoniously. There are occasional disputes when greed and selfishness get the upper hand. Fergus is an average monster who's just trying to get through life in the only way he knows. "Head-on" Blundering directly into situations.

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Film Information

Original Title:
Fergus Goes Fishing

Bob Seal
Brian H. Hoard

Animated Short


All Ages

Year Completed:


Ink on paper, 3D Computer

World Premiere:
AniMazSpot 2013

Online Information:

Brian Hoard