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Fergus Goes Fishing World Premier


For immediate release: Fergus Goes Fishing was accepted into Section 3 Competition for the AniMazSpot Film Festival

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Burbank, California 91505, USA

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Judge's Comments

What a charming and hilarious little film!! I loved everything about it, especially our funny little fisherman, and the overall graphic design!! Great job. A good audience pleaser, I'm sure!!

Strong is the evidence that the short is primarily derived from the work of an illustrator. Even if the animation is not emphasized, the overall design is effective for the story told, and above all it reflects a personal style. Good choice of the music and attention for the sound effects. I imagine the film as part of a TV show for children. Good job!

Beautiful opening, nice timing in a playful and well animated film!

Yeah, there is definitely some magic in all of this. Reading the crib notes helped. I think these two have succeeded in nicely animating a very individualistic style of illustration – they’ve pulled it off (and it sounds like they have done so despite being in different countries??). There’s a wonderful intricateness to the illustration style that I suspect kids would love and the multi-­‐eyed character (not to mention the octopus creature) are great characters that fit right in.

It is perhaps inevitable that a film-maker by the name of Seal is adept at water stories, so it is no surprise that this is a very well executed playful narrative, with engaging design and optimum pacing. Though its story is slight, the timing and aesthetics give the piece strong appeal, and there is clearly a ‘story-world’ here that is ripe for future development.

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Film Information

Original Title:
Fergus Goes Fishing

Bob Seal
Brian H. Hoard

Animated Short


All Ages

Year Completed:


Ink on paper, 3D Computer

World Premiere:
AniMazSpot 2013

Online Information:

Brian Hoard