Production Stills:

Bob Seal

The making of the film began in Australia with Bob Seal’s story and illustrations. Bob putting the final touches on the castle and Fergus’ pieces-parts before scanning them into the computer to be sent to the other side of the planet where Brian can use them for animation. Fergus pieces drawings

Photo Credit: Rosie Heritage

Brian Hoard

Brian Hoard animating Fergus. Shown here using a Wacom Cintiq and AutoDesk Maya 3D software.To complete Fergus, Brian used a combination of hand drawn art from Bob, 2D paint and illustration programs, 3D software and audio and video editing tools.


Fergus Goes Fishing Storyboards

From the storyboard sketches, an animatic was created where camera shots and timing are laid out to get the overall timing and story locked down before committing to the time consuming work of final animation.

Although we allowed room for experimentation and discovery along the way, I always like to stay very close to the original storyboard when animating. Because I want to capture that initial energy and creative vision the writer has for the scene. Sort of in the same way a free pencil sketch can have more life than a final, inked in drawing. We tried to keep things a little rough in Fergus’ films. Especially since we are using a lot of computer horsepower, but we want our final look to maintain all of Bob’s original hand done artwork. That feel of pen, ink and paper. Brian Hoard

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Film Information

Original Title:
Fergus Goes Fishing

Bob Seal
Brian H. Hoard

Animated Short


All Ages

Year Completed:


Ink on paper, 3D Computer

World Premiere:
AniMazSpot 2013

Online Information:

Brian Hoard